a brief and unsuccessful period with a typical ‘personal trainer’ charging a high rate, putting me on a low carbohydrate and calorie diet… leaving me starving, lethargic and disheartened … You Wont believe what happened next!

 ‘oh my God! I don’t actually look like that do I?! Have I really gained that much weight?!’

Lisa Goldie
Have you ever experienced that stomach churn when you see a photo of yourself and think ‘oh my God! I don’t actually look like that do I?! Have I really gained that much weight?!’ Well rewind 1 year ago and that was me. I have always been into health and fitness however after going through a relationship break-up, I found myself doing the classic Bridget Jones act-eating tubs of ice cream (Ben and Jerrys obviously), drinking wine at the weekends and following this up with a take-away. It wasn’t long before I was sporting a few spare tyres on my midriff and struggling to get into my size 10 jeans. I took the plunge and weighed myself, shock horror I had gained around 2 stone in a matter of a year! I was disgusted and knew I had to take action.

“a jackpot internet search!”

After a brief and unsuccessful period with a typical ‘personal trainer’ charging a high rate, putting me on a low carbohydrate and calorie diet subsequently leaving me starving, lethargic and disheartened, I found myself seeking an alternative training programme. That was the moment I stumbled across Foxfit after a simple Google search for local personal trainers. On reflection that was definitely a jackpot internet search! I signed up for the daily emails, written by Russell Fox. I was instantly attracted and inspired to what was on offer from Foxfit-a training and nutrition programme, support group and guaranteed instant results. I asked myself surely that’s too good to be true? After speaking with Russell I agreed to attend my first taster session.

“I instantly felt at ease”

Initially I was nervous about attending my first session especially considering all the confidence I had lost over the past year, however I soon realised my fears were not warranted. I was met by a lovely group of women who had similar goals to myself and I instantly felt at ease. After meeting the coaches, Russell and JD, we discussed my personalised goals and how Foxfit could help me to reach my goals. There was no deliberating now, how could I not say YES to join!

“I started weight-lifting and instantly fell in love”

I then embarked on my one year journey with Foxfit. I chose to attend the evening sessions three times a week where I started weight-lifting and instantly fell in love with this style of training, particularly with deadlifts, probably the most challenging exercise for me! Not only could I see my body shape change but I also loved the challenge of upping my weights and charting my progress on my Foxfit training programme sheet. What amazed me the most was my ability to lose weight with minimal cardio sessions, long gone are my days of spending hours on the treadmill mindlessly staring at the calorie counter! Hallelujah!

“Still have my glass of wine and chocolate bar”

I also got back on track with my nutrition and decided the best approach for myself was flexible nutrition which involves hitting my personalised calorie goals while being aware of my macronutrient intake. This allows me to eat nutrient rich wholesome foods the majority of the time and still have my glass of wine and chocolate bar when I feel those cravings creeping in. This definitely helps keep me on track and most importantly keep me sane! Having a strong professional background in nutrition I can say with confidence no extreme diet methods are promoted at Foxfit. A needle in a haystack in the current fitness industry!

“My moments of weakness”

There where however my bad days, those days we all experience when we feel like just putting our PJ’s on, popping open a bottle of wine and ordering a Dominos especially at the weekend which proved to be my main obstacle to achieving my goals in a timely manner. However with the Foxfit Facebook support group I had instant access to a support network in the form of the trainers and other Foxfit clients who motivated me in my moments of weakness to get my gym gear on and work out! This is an invaluable benefit you will not find at a regular gym. The Saturday Shred class, which burns up to 1000kcals in a session also helped me keep on track at the weekend and when I have the time I attend the Sunday open gym to work on my weak areas all of which are overseen by the instructors.

“Why I have decided to continue my journey for another year with FoxFit”

Lisa Goldie Bikini

I am now 1 year into my journey and feel much stronger, fitter and healthier both physically and mentally. I have went from a size 14-16 to a healthy size 12 and the inches continue to fall off me! I now have different body goals than before, no longer do I aim for the ‘skinny’ look but I am determined to achieve a toned, defined and healthy body through weight lifting-yes heavy weights is the way forward ladies! I am also no longer dictated by the number on the scales, as my inches have come down the number on the scale has been stubborn and I quite simply track my progress on my clothes, progress photos and most importantly measurements which are taken at the Foxfit studio. I am looking forward to wearing my bikini on holiday this year but the best part of it will be the confidence I have attained throughout my Foxfit journey. This is why I have decided to continue my journey for another year with Foxfit and I would highly recommend other women considering joining to 100% go for it! It will be the best decision you will make for yourself.

I hope that I get to meet some of you at training really soon!

Lisa Goldie