Wanted: 5 Men In Cumbernauld who want to Burn Fat & Build Muscle Fast. Are YOU ready for a Rapid Body Transformation?

Couch Potato loses 100lb and gets first gig as a pro athlete…. and how I can help YOU too…

In 2016 I was headhunted to work on a national TV show called This “Time Next Year” where I spend the best part of a year helping 1 man seriously transform is life; From his heaviest, he lost well over 100lb an officially became a proffessional athelete.

His transformations package was worth thousands of pounds and thats ok when ITV are settling the bill but I want to help normal every day guys make the same rapid transformation for a small fraction of the cost through our New & Improved Get Ripped 2.0 training.

5 Reasons Why This Programme will Guarantee Your Results…

  1. We take care of ALL of your training. You will train using proven training techniques to build muscle in record time.
  2. You will follow a simple nutrition strategy that will guarantee dramatic body fat loss so you look more toned. ( and you won’t have to diet)
  3. You will train in a group of men who are all working towards similar goals giving you even more support and motivation.
  4. You will have round the clock support from my team of weight loss experts, personal trainers, nutritionists and sports therapist so that you get the support you need when you need it.
  5. We will teach you how to get results without sacrificing the things you love in life.

This programme isn’t for everyone, let me be clear on that, you need not apply if:

  • You are not prepared to train hard and push your limits.
  • You have read a copy of men’s health magazine, think you know everything yet still don’t have the results you want.
  • Boozing every weekend is more important to you than achieving your rapid body transforming.
  • You do not value your results or the expertise of my team.
  • You are happy getting average results.
  • You are not prepared to invest in your results.
  • You are not prepare to make simple life changing tweaks to your lifestyle that will guarantee your results…

So who is it for:

  • Men who are ready to force a rapid change to their strength, fitness and physical appearance.
  • Men who are willing and ready to learn the smart way to achieve your goals.
  • Men who understand that for big changes requires long term plans.
  • Men who are willing to invest £150 per month to work with a team of personal trainers who will make it simple to achieve their goals.
  • Who are prepared to document their success in a video testimonial.

If you think you are a good fit for this programme apply now!

Or you can put off applying, and in a few months time you will start to see the success of the men who DID apply today.

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The training is a Monday/ Tuesday/ Thursday at 7am or 8pm, with bonus sessions available a. If t the weekend too. If you are not prepare to invest your time to attend at least 3 times per week then don’t apply.

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Get Ripped is our premium body transformation training exclusively for men who are ready to get results FAST, spaces are rarely available on this programme!

Don’t miss out on this once in a life time opportunity to work with body transformation experts to transform you body, mind, stregth and fitness.

Check Out What Darren Has to Say About FoxFit…

… And here are is results after only 12 weeks…


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